Ok. i use iPodder and iTunes for listening to podcasts. but i also use Windows Media Player 10 some times too. So here is the tip: Auto playlists. its a pretty lame tip, i know since a lot of people can figure it out after some messing, but its handy for me, so i will post it here, and i havent got anything else to post. First i will assume you have ipodder installed and working. Next the windows media player top. open windows media player, and go to File, Add to Library and by monitoring folders. click the add button and go to the directory that ipodder puts its downloaded podcasts. for me this is in my “my documents” folder uner “My Received Podcasts”. once thats done, go into Library and right click on auto playlists and select new. Name your playlist, i called mine “PodCasts”. Now by default its set to “Music in my Library”. Click the “Click here to Add Critera” link and scroll down to “more”. Select “File Name” and type in the name of the directory your podcasts are downloaded too.You should set this to file name contains. iPodder will help you with this. if you go to the preferences tab, the “select a folder” text box has what you need. click ok. it might take a few minuites for WMP to find all your pod casts, if you have lots. So, now to the iTunes tip. Since iPodder talks directly to iTunes, all your new podcasts are automagically added to iTunes. Now, its just a matter of figuring out which ones you have not yet listened to. For me its quite simple. Click File and New Smart Playlist. So, i have as my criteria, “Date Added” is in the last “5” days. I then added an other field. Playcount is 0. this shows me anything that has been added in the last 5 days that i havent played yet. since i dont use iTunes for anything more the podcasts, im pretty confident that its only podcasts it will find. Hope this helps! Probably wont, but i though i would give it a shot.