I have been using Amazon S3 for some bits and peices for the last while, like my Image Site for example, and i am always looking for new and more interesting ways of using it. one way i have started to think about, especially over the last few days, is a backup medium for my photos. i wont go into details about how i will be doing this, yet, since its not planned out, but i do know how i will be uploading to S3: ThreeSharp.

ThreeSharp is a C# library for Amazon S3 hosted on CodePlex. the description of the project is as follows:**Project Description
**An advanced C# library for interfacing with the Amazon S3 system. Among its powerful features are:
– Full support for data streaming. No need to load data into memory before sending to S3.
– Data encryption.
– Thread safety and live statistics. Perform multiple simultaneous uploads and downloads and show progress in real-time.
– A powerful, unified object model that simplifies maintenance and extensions.
– Support for EU buckets.

this was leached directly off the Project site. The multiple simultaneous uploads and downloads with progress is something i am VERY interested in, and the EU bucket suport will also come in handy. Since i have nearly 40Gb of RAW images, and each image is about 8mb (give or take) i would like some sort of statistics info, and % completed.

Once i have more, i will post about it, but check out the project page.