Not the fact that there pissed off with Microsoft, but because of what Apple do. Mac Daily are complaining about Microsoft’s 6 tips for buying an MP3 player web page. on there microsoft give tips on what you should be looking for in an MP3 player (basicly something that has a plays for sure logo and some other features). Mac Daily are responding to this by saying that Microsoft are telling you not to buy an iPod. Well, why should i? yes, i have 2 macs in the house. but i also have a lot of windows PCs and Servers. what am i looking for in an MP3 player? Well, something that plays MP3s for one. if i can buy music fro Eircom’s music store, or the My Coke Music store, well, its even better. something that intergrates well with windows, and any plays for sure stuff does with Windows media player. something that allows me to take music OFF my mp3 player on a different system (my pocket PC does this very well). recoding of music to a quality that i pick. i usually rip my songs at lossless, give or take. iTunes will recode it, but only to 128k (i think). Windows media player 10 can recode to anything, all the way down to 64k, which sounds grand to me. And so much for Microsoft Prpaganda. remember all them ads Apple had “Redmond start your photocopiers”? thats obviously not propaganda! that sort of thing just pisses me off. BTW, remember i am not a Microsoft Employee any more. if Microsoft do something stupid like this, i will post about, and i would have when i was still working for them. enough said i think. enough of my rant!