<a href="http://www.the-hairy-one.com">The-hairy-one.com</a>, my portal site, has to get a complete overhaull. The directory software that its using at the moment is powerd by perl, so im probably going to move it to PHP. the search engine is using perl too, so PHP will be used there too. not sure what else has to change, but big changes are a-foot. Also, i may be taking some of the network down this weekend for about half an hour. i need to get extra power into the room, move my comms equipment into my new comms closset (photos and more later) and i have to rewire my desktop. at the moment there are lots of things on my desk that are using power and there are 4 quad plug extention cables, one of which has 2 double adapters, all pluged into one 2 way socket (two of the extention calbes are pluged into one of the other ones!). its seriously not safe! im getting extra surge protection, more extention cables and what ever else i can get my hands on in the next few days. sorry for the downtime though. ill try do it late at night.