Ok. If you are reading this post from my RSS Feed, you will see the targeted Amazon ad below. if your visiting from the web, you will not see this. this is just me trying to get some revenu from my site. lets just say google adsense are not making as much money for me as they once did. I still dont know why they have ads for Blogs and stuff. pain in the ass, since they could easly post about more important stuff, like on my post about the <a href=http://blog.lotas-smartman.net/archives/2004/09/27/2401/dual-intel-xeon-36gz-vs-dual-opteron-250/”>dual opteron VS Dual Xeon</a> they could have ads for Servers or something. or in my post about Tiger in January they could have ads about Apple stuff, or iPod stuff. Hopefully they will get their act together and get properly targeted ads in.