Well, it looks like i might have lost a little data on the blog, like the last 2 months and a bit. which, is a pain in the ass. Basicly, what happened was i was playing with the DB, working on a dev copy of dotTEXT, which i was planning to build a new DB for. i copied out the connection string from my real production copy of dotTEXT. but insted of modding the connection string, i pasted in the full original one, and hit setup. which cleared out the DB totally! now, i have all log files backed up, and all data files too, so if anyone has a solution to fixing this, i would be very happy! unfortunitly my last backup of the DB was 16th April 2005, so, major loss of data since then. i will try and rebuild. i have some posts from 9th may onwards to today, but there in a single HTML file from bloglines. i will post the somewhere for you to check out. So, can anyone help?