Right then. today im rebuilding everything on my workstation, modifying stuff on the server, tried upgrading a machine for a friend but found out it wont read drives over 16gb so now i have to build a whole new one, but not till next week. and also i have to upgrade my sisters machine with windows 2000 since windows 98 dies about next friday. might do that this week, but it may be next week insted. when it comes to rebuilding everything on the workstation, i mean im getting gentoo to build the world. basicly under gentoo, every package that is installed, or at least most packages, are build for your system. so, im going to get it to rebuild all packages to make things faster, hopefully. could take a while. 600 odd packages in total including stuff like mozilla, gcc, glibc, xf86, gnome, kde, etc, etc, etc. im also trying to get the server working properly. get it acting as a router/firewall/proxy/etc talked about in this article. wish me luck!