It just came to me in a dream: SVN and DasBlog should go very well together. I don’t mean for source code (though DasBlog is already living in SVN), but I mean content, the site, and config files. (by the way, dont ask why i was dreaming of DasBlog…)

Since everything is stored in XML files, including the content (comments and posts) my theory is that everything could easily be backed up  to SVN, every couple of hours. I have already talked about my SVN setup at home, including how it is backed up regularly, so it would tie in here very easily.

My theory goes as follows:

  • On the server, install the SVN client, and add your DasBlog directory to your SVN repository.
  • commit everything, which will be your first commit. because everything is being added, it may take some time….
  • add a batch script to your scheduled tasks which adds anything in your content folder (recursively) to SVN and then checks in. using the svn argument -m or –message, you can add your message to the checkin automatically (maybe something like checking in blog automatically for %insertdatehere%)
  • that’s it. everything commits, and your SVN server is set to backup every x hours (mine is done every 2 hours I think).

this will be one of the first things I need to implement once the blog is operational. if anything changes, I will post it here!

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