Sun has productized Project Black Box. Project Black box, or Modular Datacenter S20 as it is now known, is a 20 foot Shipping container packed with Rack mount servers, network gear and water cooling systems. it arrived as a site, gets hooked to the network, water supply and power, and your up and running. Sun say it can bring deployment times down to just 22 days. This is very cool. its small enough to fit in someones back garden! and it has capacity for up to 280 1u rack servers (8 racks total, 1 used for networking and monitoring gear). Power usage is 25kw per rack (200kw total i guess) and it “drinks” 45 – 65 gallons of water a minuite! Im starting to think about this: the water that goes in would be cold water (say outside temerature) and it comes out warm (unknown, but say 50 DegC). That would be enough to warm a house or swimming pool. you could have a large swimming pool outside, with a LOT of water, pump it into the data center, which comes back out warm, and your semi sorted… Its a theory anyway.