Ok. not a lot to post, but enough for a round up. Ok, firstly, The VB.NET to C# converter i posted about eirler on works pretty cool. i copied the source to a pretty small VB.NET into the site and hit the convert and it done it with only 3 complaints. they where mainly missing assemblies, so after adding a single using statement, it worked grand. Next anandtech has some info about the new Intel P4 3.8Gz processor, known as the 570J. The J shows that it has intels Execute Disable Bit (EDB) which is Intels answer to AMD’s NX bit. handy for stopping viruses, and something. i cant remember exactly what it does but it is handy. Finally, toms hardware shows you how to build an XGA projector for $300 using an LCD display! now thats something i want to try!