Well, I had an interesting Sunday. My car exploded! Well, in reality, it over heated, there was a bang, steam and water came out of the engine bay (engine still running), I killed the engine, and then panicked! Bit of a pain, but what can you do? Well, ring a mechanic, and get home. Wont be till sometime tomorrow before I find out how much this will cost me.

So to cheer myself up (being a geek and all) here are some Sunday night (Monday morning) programming related links:

ASP.NET without ASP.NET has a post showing you how to write a JSON Serializer in 100 lines of code.

SonicCast 7 – SubSonic REST and jQuery AJAX. after watching this, I started to play with jQuery and I am very happy with it (more on that later)

Making and reading Zip files in .NET. Cool!

Using LINQ to XML and how to build a custom RSS Feed Reader with it. ScottGu does it again!

Combine multiple JavaScript and CSS files and remove overhead.

Continuous integration with Draco.NET. This Continuous integration stuff is defiantly interesting. Check out this dnrTV video showing you how to use CI Factory.

Architecture, WCF services and Caching.

That should tide you over till I work out how much my car will cost me to fix… :(</p>