Sun Gives Early Peek at J2EE 1.5.

If Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 was about bringing Web services into the enterprise Java fold, then J2EE 1.5 is all about ease of development in the enterprise Java space</p> Hmmm. wonder exactly how each it is though. Like, when MS released .NET and allows web services to be built in C# and VB.NET, it just proved how hard java was for new developers. Like i started playing with VB.NET about 2 months ago and i have written a multi tier .NET application using Web services, SQL backends, COM backends and more! And I dont have an MCP is VB.NET, just VB6. Sun will have to make java a lot easer to build stuff with. I hope they will for cross platform building. I tried build a standard VB console app and it wouldent run under mono on Linux. :(