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</font>Runnin_Rob writes CNET Nets.com* is reporting that Sun is likely (not definite, but likely) to start using AMD’s Opteron in the near future. The article also discusses how Linux is pushing for greater acceptability of Solaris x86 because ‘All of the sudden it is OK to (put) something other than Windows.’”(Slashdot.org *Read More…) Hmmm. Interesting. This could meen the Opteron could make even more headway in the server market then expected. I know that it supports 2, 4 and 8 way systems, and maybe even more, but the Xeon has up to 32 way systems, and the Sun has up to 106 processors or something. So it would be nice to see what kind of systems sun come up with the Opteron and the like.