theodp</a> writes *</p>

“The Detroit Free Press

does the math

on the damages


by the RIAA</a> from the Michigan Technological University student. The total?

About $97.8 trillion–yes, trillion with a T–or enough money to buy every CD

sold in America last year over again for the next 120,000 years, according to

RIAA statistics.”</i> Update: 04/05 21:58 GMT by **</p>

M</b>: The Free Press can do

the math, but not very well: the numbers provided show the RIAA is seeking some

$97 billion dollars, not trillion. I’m sure the student is *much* happier.

Headline updated. [Slashdot]. Why!? 650,000+ songs! Hmmmmmmm. sounds bad. wonder

when they have to pay this! Would have been easer for the student if he lived in

Norway. any fines are based on last years income. if i was fined, i would be

changed nothing. last years income was not a lot! :D