BetaNews has an article about Steve Jobs and his though’s on the end of DRM. Bill Gates had the same idea a while back but I think the best quote so far that I have read is this, from Jobs:

“So if the music companies are selling over 90 percent of their music DRM-free, what benefits do they get from selling the remaining small percentage of their music encumbered with a DRM system? There appear to be none.”

I cannot agree more! as someone who as an iPod, a Zune and a Creative Zen Micro (and multiple Pocket PCs and Smartphones) I’m pissed of that I cant get my music from my Napster account to work on the iPod and the Zune. And if Apple do managed to get a deal with the other Apple and License the Beatles on iTunes, I would be pissed of that it would only play on the iPod, and not the rest.

I will agree with both and say that DRM is flawed. its a pain in the ass, and just annoying. I have music on my main machine which I downloaded though Napster. I’m paying monthly for it, so why cant I copy it to my Laptop, my PowerBook, my Mac Pro, Media Center, etc? both the Mac Pro and PowerMac wont play it because its Plays4Sure DRM, and the laptop gets formatted every once in a while which pushes me over the number of authorizations and deauthorizations, etc.

The only solution I can see to the problem till record companies realize how much this hurts consumers? Buy CDs….. or do what I do and carry multiple devices :)</p>