I mentioned before that i would get you benchmarks, and have i ever lied to you? Well maybe once or twice, but not lies, mainly miscalculations with the truth. anyway, here are some bechmark results for you to see!!! [Update] If your wondering how long it takes to do a Seti@home work unit, its about 4 hours. but it does 2 in 4 hours! because i have to have 2 clients running, one for each chip since seti isent multi threading, its like running 2 Athlon 2Gz processors doing units. it takes an average of 3.75 hours to do a work unit. so i think i did 11 yesterday. not bad. that included the 700Mhz Duron (1 unit per 11 hours), but im planning on getting the Athlon 1.3Gz up and running and doing work units too (That did about 1 every 6 hours). i reckon with the power of the 3 of them i could get about 18 units a day done. handy for a small setifarm!!!

Ok. here are the basic info for you. the old tests are here and here and the new ones are here.
CPU Arithmetic Benchmarks:

Dhrystone ALU: 14963 MIPS

Whetstone FPU: 5955 MFLOPS

CPU Multimedia Benchmark

Integer aEMMX/aSSE 21490 it/s

Float aSSE 23273 it/s

Memory Benchmark

Ram Bandwidth Int Buff aEMMX/aSSE 1203 MB/s

Ram Bandwidth Float Buff aEMMX/aSSE 1072 MB/s

All benchmarks run under Windows 2000 Pro, SP4 using SiSoft Sandra 2003.7.9.73. Seti@home, SetiQueue, SetiSpy and setiDriver all running in the back ground.