Ok. Slashpower is a new, interesting idea. you have a charge mat, called a SplashMat(TM) which is connected to a power source. then you have your devices which have a power reciver called a SpalshModule(TM). you place your devices on the mat and thats it. they start charging! this could save me looking for different charger connections for my phones and pda, and could mean i have one at home and one is work. when i get home, put everything on that. when i get to work, same deal! power everywhere! they mention that they can be built into lots of stuff, like cars, desks, etc. very cool idea. i want one! Actaully i want 3: one for work, one for home and one for a car if i get one! :) they say they will be out in 2005. i wonder about cost, and not only that, i wonder will they support strange devices like my dell axim x30, which is not that strange but not a lot of places have charging addons that i have found, though i think the x3 connection might work. and also a charger for my iMate smartphone 2, which would really be cool. anyway, we will see….