I have been looking more and more into a Source Control system for home, and
i was thinking of getting a dedicated box in house for this. the problem is
bandwidth (if using externally) and backing up (i dont do a lot…). Well, one
of the Source Control Systems i found is an app called SourceGear Vault, and a
second tool called Dragnet, which is a bug
tracking tool.

The cool thing about the 2 of these is that 1) they are completly written in
.NET, and 2) they are free for 1 developer, like me! (see pricing info here,
and the the FAQ
) Sweet! So, next was hosting, and i found this article (actually couple
of articles) showing you how to get both
Vault and Dragnet
to work with WebHost4Life. Very cool stuff!

So, now all i need is the time to set the system up and play around….