Ok. this weekend was one of those weekends where i had some plans and nothing turned out to work. Saturday i wanted to play with SourceGear Vault, which i actually did, and there was a lot of development stuff i wanted to work on, which i dident get to do. I ended up plastering and just generally messing around. Sunday was ment to be my day of rest, but that dident work out as planed either. i wanted to watch the F1 live and then sit back, relax and do nothing till Top Gear started, watch that, and then sleep. but, i was awoken at 7.20AM (which i dident realize existed on a sunday!), to pick my sister up from Oxygen (Music fesitival, no link). i dident get home till about half 11, and when i did i got into bed. mind you, i dident get into bed on saturday till about 3am. Ugh. So, theres my rant for the morning. and to make it up to you, check out this page with all the Live8 videos from around the world. very cool stuff!