Over the past week, i have been building the new version of my photography site. its not live just yet, but we are getting there. one of the things i have realized while i was working on said photo site is how useless sleep actually is! i mean, its now half 4 in the morning, im wide awake (mind you, i only got out of bed at half 4 last afternoon, after getting into bed at about half 6 the morning before..). but i know i have to go to bed (longish trip in the morning, need to be awake driving) but my mind wont go off! im still thinking in code!
an other thing: where the hell is the sharp key on mac keyboards? how do you write Csharp, without spelling it out?
i mentioned a while ago that i got a zune. It was a Christmas pressent, and i have uploaded photos of it to flickr here. one problem i have is lack of incar support. I have a Pioneer sterio that has an addon to allow it to talk to the iPod. i use this a lot with my 60Gb iPod video. now, once Pioneer release an addon to allow me to play and control the Zune from the same head unit, ill be laughing! :)
I finally bit the bullit and installing Windows XP on to my Mac Pro. Works very nicley, 4 processors, but only running the 32 bit version. I had the 64 bit version of Vista on there for a while, but was having driver problems (well, lack of drivers). hopefully Apple will release drivers for it soon. Anyway, works like a charm! :)
There may have been more to talk about, but i forgot what i was. I will hopefully start posting more over the next while. I have a lot of projects im working on (the photosite, the new hairyone.com/net and more) and i will start posting info about these eventually! Happy holidays and have a good new year. My party kicks off about 8pm tonight (yea, the 30th..) we are having a new years eve, eve celebration to warm up for the big one! :)