Ok. so i have some stuff to post here. firstly, check out RLX. they have some pretty cool looking server blades. one of them has a Dual Xeon 3Gz in it! you can fit 10 of these blades into a 6U enclosure. thats 70 in a 42U Rack. Thats 140 CPU’s with about 560Gb of Ram and what ever hard drive space is included in them X 70. not sure about full stats of these. havent had a chance to get around to looking properly. Also my bluetooth adapter works from down stairs. checked this morning. not very fast in the sitting room, takes about 8 -10 seconds to send a 34k picture, but faster in the kitchen, about 2 seconds. will test internet access in these rooms. found out how to do internet though the bluetooth too. My PC is connected though cable, as you know, and i can access the internet being routed though the PC! wahoo! 512k internet access on a mobile phone. works in the kitchen as i said and my bed too! :P final thing. CSS Colour chart. Very handy. Finaly, and this time i meen it, check out My CV in XML. Also the XSL is here. havent goten it working in anything other then IE 6 on win2k. Opera wont work. not sure about Mozilla. havent tested it yet. will soon.