You may have noticed over the last few days (and weeks) that some little changes are going on around here. first change is the Amazon Ads. Currently they are being supplied by, but i have managed to build my own version in house, which is still being tested, and will be uploaded eventually. Why my own? well, blogger kit takes 10% of the ads, which is ok, but when you can build your own, you might as well. also, if there are no keywords on the page, the site is returning nothing. mainly because of the Java Script. i will be hacking this to get it to return the most used keywords on the site over the last day, which will be based on previous queries. it will also make life easer for adding to other sites (like the photography blog and

The other change is the DotNetKicks and the MacKicks links. Only pages i think should be kicked (i like that) will be, and links will be added. just click the link, and if your registered and loged in, you can “kick” it to the top of the page! very like Digg, but only for either .NET or Mac stuff. Cool Beans!

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