A couple of months back, i wondered about getting SMS messages into a system for processing. I found a few services, but they cost money, and lots. I know Gavin over at DotNetKicks had software for this, but i think my spam filters decided to kill it… and i havent had a chance to email him back (Gav, if your listening, hint hint!). Anyway, i found this system over at Linux Devices: its called an Acme FoxBox SMS(Acme, as in Buggs bunny and Willie Coyote! cool!) anyway, there is a second one which is designed for MMS Messages, called the FoxBox MMS. Both run Linux (hence being on Linux Devices) and seem to be fairly hackable (run custom software when text or mms messages come in). Thing is the price: the SMS version is EUR750 (about $1060), and the MMS Version is EUR880 (about $1240). But still, this is cool!