Right. as you can see i kind of broke the site, or fixed it, but i dont know. i was playing with the CSS file that makes the site look like it does, and i changed a few things, but its not the way i would like it to be. im planning more changes later when i get home. im going to use Dreamweaver for some of it, and Visual Studio 2003 for other parts. VS.net has a handy CSS editior built in. just found it in 2002. so, im going to mess with a few other things, and there are some bugs i have to fix, like the JavaScript bug on the indivual artchive Pages and also the Recent Entries section on them pages too. i also have to remove the uptime section on the side (got rid of it on the front page, but the rest is still there). also, comments are half working, think its the javascript code that broke that. also, modding of the whole look and feel of the site has to be done. wish me luck!