I have just been looking over my site stats and found out i have transfered 4042026k of data this month. that was from 1-april-2003 to 4am on 29-april-2003. of the sites, my blog index file (just the front page has gotten a total of 5147 hits and has a data transfer of 165476k. Thats not including images, the xml files or even the archives! The most hit archive page is this one on Redhat 9. thats been hit 306 times and produced 2083k of traffic. In the top 30 URLS (out of 8446 total!!) there is 217mb of traffic from the blog. mind you, google did hit the pages a few times, but not sure how many times. Google hit the page 52377 times over the last 29 days and took at least 624mb with it. That being said, thats only in the top 10 sites by Kbyte and google is no 1, 2 and 3 in the top 10. In the top search strings, redhat is featured 6 times in the top 20 bring its total to 369 users comming to find it on my site. it madness!! hehe! and this month i seen a decreese in visitors, due to a problem with google finding pages on my site, which i hope has been fixed, and also my sites going over the 300,000 mark in the top sites ranked by Alexa. The-hairy-one.com is ranked 297218 and lotas-smartman.net is ranked 282602. Cool or what?!