Check out this post by Jeff Papiez explaining how to get Windows Media Center to use multiple places to find recorded TV. This is one of those things that is EXTREAMLY handy. i have 3 hard drives in my main media center, and one of them has a lot of recorded TV from my last install, and another has the current bunch of recorded TV. then there is the media center down stairs, which would be nice to have the recorded shows from my media center show up there for viewing in the front room on a nice reclining sofa with a blazing fire… Hmmm, sweet… Anyway, finally there is a new media center in the family, my sisters, and she may want to watch something the parents or myself have recorded, or vice versa. Anyway, this post shows you how to set that all up! how handy is that?! now if only my new 300Gb NAS drive could use files over 4Gb (fat32 limitations…) i would be extreamly happy!