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</b>How to Hook Up Your Network</a> </td>


your own wireless network isn’t complicated. All it takes is a broadband

connection, a few hundred dollars and a willingness to pull the plugs.

By Paul Boutin for Wired magazine. </td> </tr> </table>

This is something that’s really going to interest me in the next few months.

I’m looking at buying me a laptop, and I plan to make a wireless network around

my house. ill probably place the access point somewhere in the middle of the

house. this makes most sense to me because it will be the half way point to most

places i will be, be it the back garden, front garden, sitting room, dining

room, bed room or kitchen. 802.11g looks pretty cool, and its fast too. This is

a good article and explains a lot of how to do it and how to make the best of

your wireless net card.