I got a shock on Thursday when i tried to log into my webmail site. i was told theres no space left on the drive and it was not posible to log in! :( i checked a few of my sites and all seemed to be working. My states page here told me the / partition had been full. when i see what size it is, i realized why. i used Redhat 8’s own install tool and it set up the partitions itself. personally speaking i dont think i need 19Gb of space in mu USR Dir. its using 1.22Gb of it! i may be formatting and reinstalling Redhat 8 or maybe even 9 soon enough. ill be making more space in /, cause thats where root work is done and temp files. ill be making a larger /home dir. not sure about anything else. but if i make a 10gb / partition, a 512mb swap partition and a 19.5Gb /home dir, ill be happy.