the server move that i was to do over the weekend did not happen. having a car is cool, but when your the only one in the house with the car, its a problem. brining people to work, bringing others to other work, then bringing people back from concerts, and back from work, and shopping, and other stuff. i dident get a chance to do anything i wanted to do over the weekend. anyway, server move may happen tonight. i am also thinking of moving back in house. there are a lot of things that have to be done to the site first (complete redesign, better backend for the data, etc). i am currently using the open directory for the data on the site. the problem with this is there is no DB that is currently being used, and its currently powered by a perl script to pull data off the live site. i want to change this to pull data out of a DB. hacking of this will take some time, and i will start this over the next day or two. watch this space!