Ok. the server has moved! its fully over, i hope. working on making it a bit faster. this system has more ram (256mb compaired to what the Virtual Server had at 128mb) and more hard drive space (30Gb over 3Gb). Its also running <a href="http://www.whiteboxlinux.org">WhiteBoxLinux</a> which is based around <a href="http://www.redhat.com">RedHats Enterprise server</a>. The processor is 700Mhz, compaired to a twin Xeon 2.4Gz, but the twin Xeon was split between 10 – 20 users on the VDS, this is 700Mhz Dedicated! its got 256k/s upload, im working on compressing some parts of the site, others already are (blog is compressed, <a href="http://www.the-hairy-one.com">the-hairy-one.com</a> is not at the moment). hope this works!!