Right. this server may be moving to a faster internet connection tomorrow. or soon. JVDS, my webhost, has a special on at the moment: shared 10mb line with unmetered connection for $30 a month. im paying 35 for my 30gb transfer. im also getting extra ram and and extra IP address, which ill use at some point! anyway, i was on to their support guys and i could be moving the server over soon with extra bandwidth. now i dont always get a full 10mb/s conneciton. if i did, id live in the datacenter, but i get a minimum of 512k/s. they way that 512k/s is a min of 60gb a month, and 10mb/s is 3.2TB (T as in TERABYTES!!) a month. not sure how they are doing their maths cause i work out that 512k/s is 158Gigs a month, and 10mb/s is about 3.08TB. but im not complaining if i get it. dont have to worry about bandwidth! :P