Right. I was playing with some site on the web, PipeBoost, and it told me something interesting. if i use compession, i could save quite a lot of bandwidth and also make downloads faster. When checking the Blog Page, it reducied the size of the file by 74%! On standard archive pages it reducied the page size by 66%! this is great. only problem is its only for windows. so, there is Mod_GZ for apache. theres the little problem with it though. it currently only supports Apache 1.3 and im running 2.0 on the VDS Server. i have 2.0 on my local server too, but im thinking of copying all stuff over to the local machine, mirroring the site over there, then trying to get mod_gz working on the server, bringing it back, testing, and then working with it. it may end up that i install mod_gz on the local server first, and then try it on the server. makes more sence! anyway, i hope delays to be minimum. more info when i try it!