right. i was reading Board.ie and i found this post. NTL are capping their internet connections to 1Gb a day. this doesent sound that bad compaired to Eircoms 4Gb a month, but the amount of traffic my site uses is quite a lot. not only that, but their service agreement says that servers are not allowed. this is not very good for me. im now looking at moving all traffic to Nearly Free Speech. it will cost a fair amount of money to run this site, i think, but im not sure how much. im going to have to check my log files and see how much its currently sending ATM, and how much space the site takes up. NFS are quite good cause they charge $1 per gig transfered and $1 per gig hosted per month. check their site for more info. ill keep you informed when i know how much it will cost and if i can afford it.