Sweet! There where rumors going around that Nokia where about to drop a new Internet Tablet. these rumors where backed up by some US retailers dropping the price of the original N800.

I have been waiting for a while to pull the trigger on this one, and have had the cash burning a hole in by back pocket, but the reason i haven’t bought yet is 3 fold:

  • Expansys is currently out of stock, and will have them back on October 31.
  • With the price drop in the US, i was waiting for it to come here…
  • where the rumors true?

Well, now we know the rumors are true, and man, the specs are sweet:

built in GPS, 2Gb storage (onboard, without the extra memory card slots), 802.11B and G and the screen is 20% brighter. I think i found my new birthday present to my self! :) This drops in November, which is right in time! :)

Article on Engadget with specs and info and Hands on photos.

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