*“Sanos is a minimalistic</p>

32-bit x86 OS kernel for jbox appliances. A jbox is a JavaOS server appliance

running on standard PC hardware. This enables you to run java server

applications without the need to install a traditional host operating system

like Windows or Linix. Only a standard Java HotSpot VM and the sanos kernel are

needed.” </i>Interesting. This is a pretty class peice of software. and as an

OS, it only takes up less then 512k of memory, its open source and runs java

software. the HotSpot VM mentioned above, which is written for windows, will

actually run on Sanos. Cool or what?! Im thinking of getting my P75 with 32mb

ram and 500mb HDD to run this. They have

info on running tomcat under

sanos. this could be handy for a second server.