I have been running a Windows Home Server for a couple of months now, and other than some small issues with hardware (one of the hard drives failed, but i lost nothing!) i have been very happy with the experiance. i have used it to stream music and video to my XBox 360, and AFAIK the PS3 can see it too. I have also used it to store my iTunes collection, and this works flawlessly. but now, there is a way to get it to act as an SVN server.

Coderhaus has a post showing you how to setup SSH and SVN on your Home Server. with SSH, you can securley access your SVN server from a remote connection, and only have port 22 open. there are quite a few steps on how to set it up, about 35 in total, but i think it would definatly be worth it. you also have the advantage of having your share replicated, so your nice and safe… but, if you want to be safer (say, your house burns down) you may want to look at how i was backing up my SVN server using Mozy that i wrote back in 2007. [update] added missing link… sorry.