And i dont think he will ever know. Well, maybe. I was reading the news, just after going to bed (dont ask…) and i  found this post by Richard about a failed water cooled machine. one of the things that was mentioned was that the Motherboard light lighted up, but the system never came on. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my poor Opteron box had the same fate. And this got me thinking: is it the power supply dead in my machine too? Well, at the moment, i am not 100% sure, but, i do have a spare power supply. And you will never guess where i found it!

cabinet at top of stairs 

Thats the cabinet at the top of the stairs. it seems a lot of random stuff ends up there. thats a DVD player and Video recorder on top of a very old Dell PC.  and a lamp… I will try this out tomorrow. first, to find a screw driver… Ugh