Check out this Tech Republic article on how to setup a reverse tunnel in SSH. I have played with this before and got it to do some interesting things. i used it when i was on a slow 56k dialup link. i connected to a college network i had SSH access to, forwarded port 8080 on my local machine to their proxy server, and compressed the link. when i visited a page, i got a lot faster download because of the compression. mind you, it only worked on text pages and the like, but made browsing a lot faster. it might have helped because of the request comming from the colleges 100mb/s pipe and my compressed SSH connection, insted of over just a standard 56k pipe. Actually, here is the article i wrote up showing you how to do it. I was going to post this with a question asking was there a way to use this idea on a pocket pc, since my connection on my XDA is limited to 48k/s. Well, i searched google and found this article showing you how! i will be trying this out, but first i need an SSH server and my own proxy server (which i can probably use my ISA2004 box at home for). This could nearly also act as a “poor mans VPN”… [update] Related update. Check out this article showing you how to install SSHD on your windows machine! very handy. i was actually looking for something simular a while back because i wanted an SFTP server on my LAN for blogger updates to a new page i want to build. This will make life easer! :)