i posted here about Jonathan Boutelle’s tips and photos on him cleaning up his comms closted. Well, i got a reply here and i was going to post a comment, but my comment is fairly long, so insted, i will post a full post. i am glad im not a “neet freak”. The comms closet currently has my linksys router, an 8 port switch, a cable modem and a lot of cables. on the desk there are 2 servers, an iMac, 2 keyboards, 3 mice (1 for the imac, one for the KVM switch and one for my powerbook or dell laptop. which ever is used at the time), a KVM switch, lots more cables, external sound card (Creative Labs Audigy 2 NX), docking stations for my phone and PDA, chargers for them too, USB hubs, IR reciever (for the media center), blank and non blank DVDs and CDRs, note books, cigars (dont ask) pens, keys, my watch, my alarm clock, my 17″ CRT monitor, my 17″ flat panel monitor, 2 wireless recievers for my 2 wireless keyboards/mice, speakers, 2 remote controls, my PDA and phone, actually 2 phones, mouse mats and currently my powerbook. Ohhh and the coffee cup! its like this all the time, and i am currently thinking about cleaning it up. and thats only whats on the desk! you dont want to know whats on the floor! well, i dont know if you do. if you do, leave a comment. and if you want photos, i will do that too! Anything for my blog reading public! :)