Well, today i spent most of my time backing up my Workstation and reinstalling Windows XP MCE 2005. and the backup took the longest. 3 hours for the backup (lots of stuff) and less then an hour for a FULL Windows XP install, including drivers. Total reinstall time was 2 hours (including Ofice 2003 install and updates). I have to install Dev Software (VS 2003 and 2005 BETA) tomorrow or the next day, and then start on the laptop.  I might as well tell you all now. My contract in Microsoft Ireland finished on Friday 11th March, so I am currently looking for a job. Hence the format of the laptop since it still thinks im on the Microsoft network. So, it was really cool working out at Microsoft, and i would love to get back in, but untill then, i am looking for a job. Any offers? :)

PS: Happy St Patrick’s Day tommorow!