Ok. ill let Scobe take it from here:n

Martin Spedding: Thanks Drew, it looks like I made the mistake of reading the Business Week article and assuming it was reporting news. It seems like another piece of FUD.

Like I said, the article only presents one piece of the story. The Longhorn story has 1000 pages. We’re only on page 25 of the Longhorn story (of Chapter one).

Take this as one piece of data, but by the time we’re done with the “road to Longhorn” book, this will be only one page out of 1000.

Some other things: will Longhorn be a freaking huge deal? Yes. Will it be the best OS? I’ll let you answer that one – see ya next year when we ship beta1. Will it be perfect? No. I guarantee there’ll be another OS after the Longhorn wave is a memory.

Will my credibility be intact at the end of the story (cause I hyped up Longhorn as “amazing”)? Yes.

[Via Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]