BlogJet Beta Release Notes
March 25, 2004

* Multiple categories support.
* Quick test of FTP settings.
* pMachine support.
* “Delete Draft files after posting” option in settings.
* New keyboard shortcuts:
   – Ctrl+Tab – switch between Normal/Code view.
   – Ctrl+M – indent
   – Ctrl+Alt+M – outdent
   – Ctrl+Shift+N – numbering
   – Ctrl+Shift+L – bullet style
   – Ctrl+Shift+I – insert image
   – Ctrl+Shift+V – attach voice
   – Alt+D – select text in Title bar
   – F5 – change account

* BlogJet This! did not work with long selection.
* Draft files handling errors.
* Login window when opening draft.
* Installer issue on “Launch BlogJet”.
* Printing from code editor did not work.
* Fixed various issues with b2-based blogs.
* Ctrl+A, Ctrl+K in code editor did not work.
* Fixed issue with blog URL for Blogware.
* Code tab wouldn’t appear with large fonts.
* “Access violation at address 005489A4″ fixed.
* Some main window shortcuts worked in Login dialog.
* Sometimes “t” didn’t work in editor – fixed.

Download here!

[Via Weblogs @ ASP.NET] Blogjet is pretty cool, but i found RSSBandit and it has build in support for WBloggar so i just right click and article and hit post with w.Bloggar. Its a sweet addon.