using assembly to make ASP.NET pages! found this a few days ago and forgot to ost it, but talk about muts. just proves pretty much anything can be done with the .NET Framework though. lots of extra languages you can use.

Something new ( new?!  ) for me today…

For the curious, here’s an .aspx page in assembly langauge:

<%@ page language="Asm80386" %>
Str: DB "Testing...", 0

mov eax, -2
cmp eax, 2
jle Label1
xor eax, eax
lea esi, Str
push esi
call "Response.Write(string)"
pop esi
<br>EAX: <%= eax %>

via [Mike]

This is the first time for me to see this kind of codes in ASP.NET Programming. :)


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