This may be the last post i make before New Years. I havent been feeling very well over the last couple of days, been sleeping lots, watching a lot of TV and generally sitting around, not in front of the computer. So, here is some random stuff before the end of the year.

About 2 weeks ago, there was a [garbled post about Blogging on an iPod Touch][1]. I got my hands on one, a 16Gb model, and i must say i am VERY impressed. I have also managed to get my iMate JasJar [acting as a Wireless router for it][2] which allows me to surf the web on the iPod touch, even without a wifi connection. Some thoughs: the iTunes store on this rocks! i have bought a few songs and albums though it and it works very well. Safari on it is amazing. Bad points would be the lack of non hacked native applications for it. I have jailbroken mine, and the apps are cool. another thing that would have been nice is bluetooth.

I have also made the decision to move the blog to [BlogEngine.NET][3]. I am in the process of testing this, but it may be a few days before this is fully moved. hopefully it does not break my links on the site… More on that later