iPod mini
New iPhoto
New iMovie
New iDVD
Xserve G5

How about a round of applause for Jonathan Gales, for his excellent coverage of the Macworld Keynote! And the same to Brian Burnham and Digital Bill for the images!

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something interesting. word first came out on the mac before it came out on windows, and its now 20 years old too. just like the mac. Apple also showed the 1984 ad. its the second time i seen it and its still quite cool. madness. interesting new features in excel and word. and also Entourage. Technology Garintee. If you buy office X, you get a free upgrade to Office 2004, which is available in spring. Hmmmm. 10,000 native apps for mac osx, and they say its there. nearly 10million active users. also, now talking about virgina tech. number 3, over 10TF, 5.2 million dollers, comparied to number 1 @ 30+TF @ 300+ million dollers, and number 2 at 13 million TF and 200Million dollers. 3 weeks to build the machine, infi band connections. i know most of this is already know, but ill post again. same system that he checks his email on runs on his super computer. G5 XServe!!! wahoo! same size as original xserve (1U) up to 8gb ram, ECC, 720Gb hdd space, panther 10.3, unlimited clients. 3 models, server, singine 2Gz G5, dual processor server, and compute node. all ship in febuary. sweet. Xserve raid update too. 3.5TB of online storage. SFP 2Gb fiber chanel. Raid set slicing. xserve raid works on windows, linux, and mac osx now too. good mac with 1tb, better 1.75tgb, and best with 3.5tb.
itunes. 30million songs! and the stream just died. DAMN! Feck! my net connection just died. CRAP! :( now i have to wait for it to wake back up again. this could be a few minutes. sorry fokes. right. its now still down, 2 min after and im probably missing ipods or something important. hope this will be re shown later, not so live. it does this sometimes. it just dies for a few minutes, and then pops back online. no reason. and we are back!
itunes. largest music store in the world. mroe on the pepsi deal. 300million bottels, 100million free songs.
iLife. ilife 04. its life ms office for the rest of your life. hehe. new copy of itunes. crap. missed it! ill find more later. iphoto. new copy. supports 25,000 photos. time based orginization. smart albums. preview and auditon of photos. rondezview photo sharing. demo. this looks nice. raitings built in too. and on the fly. better slide show, different effects, playlist of music to listen to while watching slide show. sweet. and one of the transitions in like the fast user switching in osx 10.3. also, the books and photo albums to buy are available in japan in feb, and europe in march.
iMovie. import video from isight. trim clip right in place. audio scrubbing. new titles. star wars title too. easer sharing of video clips.
iDVD 4 updates. 20 new holywood themes, enhances menus, enhanced slide shows, dvd navigation, pro quality encoding. burn DVD on a different mac too. looks pretty cool. now all i need is a fast enough mac and a DVD burner for it, ohh and the camera! :P 2 hours on a DVD.
new app! GarageBand. major new pro music tool, but for everyone. turns your mac into a complete music studio. digitally mix upto 64 tracks. 50 software instruments. 1000 pro audio loops. record live audio preformances. vintage and not so vintage gitar. over 1000 prerecorded loops. live recording and stuff. all in one app. Hmmm. demo is nice. john mayer playing piano. and its quite cool. showing some sapmles and it sonds cool and looks fairly easy. man. i hope these are free cause i want to play with this now!! haha. ohhh. amp sounds. i dont know anything about gituars, but this sounds really cool. just checked software updates, and nothings there yet, other then an ipod update, but i dont have an ipod, and something else. ohhh. export to itunes. sweet. now thats cool. there are 50 software instruments and all you need is a midi keyboard or usb keyboard. cool. haha. working out how much would cost on windows.it would cost $306 on windows. well, its available on the mac for $49 in a box. Free with every new mac too. in stores on jan 16th. companion products to ilife. lost of extras for the garage band and it will cost 99 and is called the jam pack. and theres a 49key usb keyboard. 500 thousand tunes on the itunes music store.
ipod!!! 730,000 ipods sold in last quarter! ohhhh. 2 million ipods sold in total. they have a total of 31% market share of mp3 players and they are number 1 in % share and revinue. 10Gb has being brought to 15Gb at the same price. new in ear head phones for $39. new ipod ad. still nothing on the new ipod. ohhh!!! FLASH PLAYERS is now being talked about. SWEET. i thinks its going to be talked about now. iPod mini. 4GB MEMORY! FFS 1000 songs. 0.5 inch think. $249. ohhh. ipod mini looks quite cool. its the size of a business card. its got the ipod user interface. i pod connector like the standard ipod, and its works with firewire and USB 2. both cables are there as standard. and a belt clip. accessories: doc and arm band. man this is nice. it comes in colors, silver, gold blue pink and green. febuary ship date in us and april world wide.