Quick Fix: Block Installation of Bogus Toolbar from Fake Google Spam. interesting way of doing things. i have my ISA 2004 Server sitting on my LAN and it rocks! there where some problems with configuring access rules, allowing my mail server to work, etc, but its working to an extent. a lot has to be done still (like moving my webserver back in house, and see if i can get some sort of forward proxy working for it too, and enabling HTTPS access to Exchange OWA, no access is setup at the moment!). but thats handy. and the idea that you can block certin traffic to certin machines rocks too. i have blocked audio, video and compressed file downloads (well, i only enabled text, images and webpage download) to my sisters machine since she doesent understand not to download videos to her computer. i hate trying to visit a site at 8k per second because she is download a 200mb video! anyway, enough of that rant. handy info though. ISA Server.org has lots of cool info too.