Ok. this is another one of those stupid things. the stupid guys over at DVForge though it was a good idea to put a 25 grand reward for the first person to write a virus for OSX. this is not to beat the living shit out of the first guy to write a virus, but for the first guy to write a virus. and if you work for Symantic, its doubled to 50 grand. where is the logic in that? should it not be the oppisite way around and 25 grand for each virus writer killed or seriously injured? this kind of thinking is just stupid. the only reason the OSX platform is not attacked as much as windows is the fact that only about 4-5% of people use OSX, and its over 90% for windows. if your going to attack someone, attack the biggest group! especially if your trying to make money from it like most spammers… [update] looks like the “Contest” has been canceled.