Powerbook: 1, God: 0

<img height=200 alt=”burnt_powerbook.jpg image” src=”http://blog.lotas-smartman.net.nyud.net:8090/wp-content/burnt_powerbook.jpg” width=150 align=right>It’s a sad fact of life that God hates Mac users. If you needed any more proof, check out these pictures of this burnt and charred 12-inch Powerbook, caught in an apartment fire, which despite the damage and encrustations is reported to still work. What can we learn from this? In a kickboxing match between Jesus and Jobs, Steve would win. I know it’s shocking, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Internet, it’s that digital pictures cannot lie. They don’t even have tongues! (Thanks, Marcus!)

Read – Firey Powerbook [Progsoc]

favourite quote? the one in bold! :)