Ok. i have been using this PostXING
thing for a while now, and it does rock a lot, but there are some features i
would love to see:

  • When a post is made, a new blog post is created, so you dont have to hit
    the new button every time, but also so you dont have to set new categories. W.Bloggar does this.
  • The ability to put in an entry ID and edit it. when i imported all my old
    posts to dotTEXT, some of them had “/” in them, others had other charicters
    that make them not work as URLs.
  • Auto image uploading. So, lets say i embed an image, thats sitting on my
    hard drive, into the body of the post. i would like to see PostXING work out
    that it is on my hard drive and not online, get its path, upload it using the
    default FTP settings (or ask if none are set) and then update the post with
    the new URL.
  • Finally, source code. i would like to get my hands on the code and do some
    work on it my self. I know there is very little chance of this since there are
    CopyRight notices in the code, but its worth a shot! I would love to try
    coding some of the features i have sugested above!

Lets see if anything happens! Anyone out there know if they can help