So, Engadget has some photos of the new Motorola iTunes phone and i dont know what the big deal is. It plays music from the iTunes store and syncs with iTunes. Big Deal! My phone has been playing music from the MyCokeMusic and Eircom music stores, and syncing with Windows Media Player 10 for the 9 months. Ok, i know the link is for my Pocket PC, but my SmartPhone plays WMAs that are DRMed. and so does my XDA. Mind you, 128mb SD card doesent hold a lot of songs (currently about 3 hours or so, 46 songs and 1 full album). So i have just orderd myself a 512mb SD Card, which should be here in a few days and allow me to have a LOT more music. Anyway, i think the whole iTunes phone is a bit of a “Big Deal”. Ahh well, i wonder when everyone will realize how much of a big deal it actually is. Except those mac guys who know “apple can do no wrong”. [edit] By the Way, my phone is an iMate SmartPhone 2 and an XDA 2s. Just for you who dont know.